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I am experiencing a very annoying wifi issue where, after some time of being connected to wifi (anywhere from 20 minutes to 6 hours) it starts showing an exclamation point on the wifi icon and I get a notification that there is no internet access through my wifi connection. You need to manually enter DNS1 and DNS 2 also. If I then go check the wifi with another device it works just fine. Have yet to figure this out. Has worked great so far, not a hiçcup. Hello and greetings.....about a year and a half ago, maybe more, I got a new straight talk (at and t version) zte max duo 4g LTE gem prepaid smart phone. 1434831724638.jpg. 1) turned on and off, no luck. I can't figure out why on Cyanogen OS I get a exclamation mark (!) je suis pourtant bien connecté à mon wifi, via mon sony xpéria m2. 4. VALERIE C. VALERIE C. Niveau 1 210 / 750 points. by the WiFi symbol. When you connect to a WiFi network, Windows saves the WiFi profile on your computer including WiFi SSID and password. ), it normally means that the WiFi connection has been established, but for some reason the Internet is not fully accessible. Nom de l'auteur LAETITIA O. Nombre de réponses 3 réponses Date 11 mai 2016 il y a presque 5 ans Consultations consultée 2727 fois question q. Bonjour, j'ai un point d'exclamation auprès de l'icone wifi, pourquoi ? Nom de l'auteur VALERIE C. Nombre de réponses 1 réponse Date 23 mai 2016 il y a presque 5 ans Consultations consultée 37333 fois question q. Wiko Rainbow lite 4g. Note: just turn off the power, not restart the WiFi . In regards to the 0 and the ! I have amazing WiFi and brand new wiring and equipment and I'd know if I had weak WiFi. Tried various things. Turn off the Wifi device, wait about 1-2 minutes, then turn on it. Delete the connected WiFi profile from your computer. Then you try to turn on Wifi to see if the connection is normal or not. You should first know if an IP address is available. When I see the exclamation mark (! If you have not tried to use another computer to connect to Wifi, if the other computer is connected normally, then your computer is having IP conflict. Point d'exclamation a coté du signal wifi et pas accès internet Bonjour, depuis quelques jours, dans la barre d'état de mon smartphone le signal wifi est accompagné d'un point d'exclamation. pourquoi j ai un point d exclamation sur le rèseau wifi alors que avant j avais pas ? After making that clear I then made it clear that it's not a O, but a 0 (zero) and that there was an exclamation point at the end. le problème, c'est que, étant affiché, il me signal que je n'ai plus internet. Fix WiFi Exclamation Mark Issue. Meanwhile the previous wifi password ends with an exclamation … This issue can be fixed easily by assigning a static IP. des fois il peut apparaître durant des heures. This is not the best way to solve this issue and you may enter an IP address that is in use, but that is a rare case. Répondre à cette question; Réponse Anonyme Anonyme Avec votre offre internet, bénéficiez d'un débit jusqu‘à 1Gb / seconde et des appels illimités vers les fixes et les mobiles.Comparez les offres Fibre et ADSL et les fonctionnalités de nos Box Internet, dont la Box 4G et la nouvelle SFR Box 8.Découvrez également la nouvelle offre Box + TV de SFR, un abonnement internet couplé à une TV 4K UHD Samsung à prix ultra préférentiel. Attachments. he says "I've never seen anyone use that in a password before, that's unheard of". Also no other ROM does this to me. See if it fixes the wireless internet problem of yours. LAETITIA O. LAETITIA O. Niveau 0 23 / 100 points. Then within the last week or so, I am getting a WiFi shield symbol and an exclamation point or no internet access. Sent from my A0001 using XDA Free mobile app . Click “Disable“, and after your wireless adapter icon has grayed out, right click on it, then click “Enable“. voila, comme le dit le titre, j'ai depuis quelques semaines, un point d'exclamation qui apparaît et disparaît à un rythme irrégulier.

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