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With new year behind the corner we have decided to explore what are the essential skills in 2020 and what SMART goals you should set, in order to develop or improve these skills. Behind the scenes - see BORUSSIA-PARK like you've never seen it before. GOAL OF THE YEAR: ‘Call the cops’ as Magpie beats all-time classic to win crown The act of setting spirituals goals for yourself allows you to consciously take charge of your faith and relationship with God. Instead sign them up for things they will truly love. (19/20 Bundesliga season, FC Augsburg – Borussia 1-3). Budget for that and do it. Top 10 skills for 2020. Don’t prioritize other things over that. Organize the home. 33 year old Amy. September 12th, 2020 8:49 … Sitters, business help, etc. In some cases, your career goals may have changed so much that you have transitioned (or want to transition) to a totally different industry. But I want to make reading more of a priority this year so I’m making it a goal to read 20 books in 2020. Don’t be scared to do that. Train like the Foals at our camps and support sessions. So my word of the year is just that, Balance. Our strategy is to pay them off last before retiring due to the tax advantages of having debt on investments (eg: you can claim mortgage interest as a tax expense). Collingwood young gun Josh Daicos has been awarded the Goal of the Year at the Brownlow Medal for his incredible snap against Sydney in round 10. Knowledge is power. So choose them wisely. Why on God’s green earth do you have so many books if you don’t read them?!?! Or you can just save this JPG below to your phone and write on it via Instagram stories or in a drawing app to jot down your goals that way too! Be intentional with the girls’ activities. Your future self will love you for it! Load by load! The most impressive element of Hofmann’s goal was the fantastic build-up play. Exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, live coverage, highlights and more. Hire help when you need it. You always feel put together when you have lipstick on. Puskas Award 2020 nominees: Borussia picked up their first Bundesliga away win against FC Augsburg on Matchday 24 of the 19/20 Bundesliga season. I have always naturally been on the healthier side of eating. Alassane Plea scored the best goal of a memorable European night in the 26th minute. Date more. And guess what?! It’s your go to outfit and it forces you to want to sit down and watch Netflix. Who knows. Ten goals from seven players are in the running. Don’t ever stop reaching for more knowledge. People need it! Plan out 4 vacations. Move. That’ll get their debt down to owing around $366,000 . Moving is a goal in itself. Talk on the phone to those you love more. Done. We must know our priorities, weigh them and tend to them with love and care. Every time I look at 2020, I see balance. You have so many amazing girlfriends Amy. So do that, Amy. I pray that in seeing me write out my goals that you will write out yours. Balance in my health: How to always find time to put my mental, physical and emotional health first. Balance in my marriage: How to be a better wife and show my husband just how much I love him. Yes, you’re reading that right. With a first time shot, the Swiss attacker left the goalkeeper with no chance, curling into the far corner. You’re not starting strong this year on this one missy. You see, balance is hard. The midfielder beat a man before striking towards goal from 40 metres. I’ve been doing this for a few years and I know what I can accomplish. But the Austrian took the ball spectacularly and, with his back to goal, clipped it over his shoulder into the top left corner. Organize and stay organized. 1. But even more important than writing all of these things down? Be a voice of reason, a voice of love and a voice of laughter everywhere you go. … which brings me to your next goal…. Leave your mark on this world. 20 Goals for 2020 1 | Continue to eat healthier. Borussia came withing touching distance of a surprise victory as they hosted Real Madrid. Run a half marathon every 3 months. Listen to your mom! (20/21 UEFA Champions League season: Borussia – Shakhtar Donetsk 3-0). (ha!). However, that also meant a rewrite, and a second edit to review the changes. Let’s erase the timelines and the deadlines and just GO. Continue to use your calendar as you have and plan out your exercises. Let’s go. Done. Make it a goal for this year to spend some time thinking about your career. Let’s not worry about how hard it’s gonna be to get there: Whatever it is. The player with the highest number of fan votes each round will advance! Balance as a mother: How to prioritize all of my duties as mama bear while giving each of my daughters’ the love and attention they need. The pandemic has definitely shifted my goals for 2020 and as we move into the last few months of the year I want to refocus and realign myself with my new end-of-the-year goals. The Foals put in a strong performance against the Ukrainians in the return leg too; this time it was 4-0. I’ve always been a lover of symmetry, and last month it hit me…2020 is balanced. With Everly’s therapies and the business it is not feasible to drive those girls to a million activities right now. And Amy…it’s your legacy. We're so happy you're here! This worked well because I was able to accomplish most of the things on my list. Personal Goals for 2020 #6 – Read 20 Books. But you can’t teach an old dog new tricks; I’ll stick to my paper and pen. And I have my business calendar, which holds all of my Ever Co launch dates and deadlines, collaboration and partnership deliverables + timelines and anything that deals with blog or IG content. Oscar Wendt centred to Patrick Hermann, who took a touch then laid the ball on for Embolo. Goals are hard, yes. I’m in the middle of the rewrite, and the second edit will happen in 2020. You will launch a 6 month organization challenge on the blog soon, and I want you to implement every word of that into your own life. And it’s my goal this year to find balance in so many aspects of my life. But let’s take the pressure off of them for a second and simply just try. Can you promise me that? IE any goal scored in 2020 calendar year. Hire someone when you can. Yesterday I wrote about goal-setting with my high school students and how I decided to take two small actions to make myself more relaxed at the start of the school day. You’ve had this on your goal list for 3 YEARS. visit The Ever Co shop for all things celebration, where you'll find a mixture of modern designs with time honored purpose. Donate $6,200 this year. (20/21 Bundesliga season: Bayer Leverkusen – Borussia 4-3). Focus on each child each month and alternate activities so they each get their time. And let’s start this decade with discipline over complacency. The winner is awarded the Phil Manassa Medal. The most books I have ever read in a year was 35. For a grace so forgiving that you know it is OKAY if you don’t reach your goal, but to never stop trying. Go after the 3 big goals you have for the business. It’s your journal of life. Puskas Award 2020 nominees: How do we fit “x” into our training calendar, and what are the ramifications of placing “x” there. Think about how devastating it will be if you lose all of that stuff! I share all of the girls’ school requirements, medical appts, extracurricular activities, business timelines, planned vacations and so forth that he needs to know about, and he adds them to his Google calendar. You bit off more than you could chew last year. And it’s my goal this year to find balance in so many aspects of my life. Let’s start this decade with focus over distraction. Vote your favourite from ten goals. In added time at the end of the first half, Oscar Wendt sent a free kick into the box which was cleared by Bondar only as far as Embolo, who scored a bicycle kick from four metres. Your hubby loves it, your kids love it and you’re actually loving it too. Sign up with your email address to receive news and updates. But whenever you actually shower, wash your hair and get ready YOU WORK HARDER. My plan is to look this over every month and reflect on my progress/adjust goals where necessary! It’s one of the first things we do when we’re given a new mission or task. 2020 was heavily defined by the COVID-19 pandemic, which led to global social and economic disruption, mass cancellations and postponements of events, worldwide lockdowns and the largest economic recession since the Great Depression of the 1930s. At least start. It also allows us to each bring a different piece of pie to the table so we are each pulling our own weight. and for the life of me (you), DO NOT pick up that phone first thing in the morning. Ahead of 2020, I had set goals for what I wanted to achieve this year. GO AFTER THEM. Roll over, kiss your husband and head downstairs. The Goal of the Year is a competition for the best goal kicked in the Australian Football League during that season. He then goes over any work requirements he has that will require him to be in the office all weekend or away from the family for an extended amount of time. Get rid of it. Stop yellin’ at those girls when they do something wrong and lower your voice. Done. Borussia celebrated a 6-0 win at Shakhtar Donetsk on matchday 3 of the UEFA Champions League group stage. Every time I look at 2020, I see balance. My husband’s been trying to convert me for 8 years. You know what they are, I don’t have to write them here. This ensures we both grant each other enough space to do what’s important in our own lives and to ensure we are prioritizing our family amidst it all too. The Foals kicked off their Champions League campaign by sharing the spoils with Inter Milan in a 2-2 draw. However, there was one lingering goal that I really need to take care of in 2020. Voting is open for Borussia’s Goal of the Year 2020. Let’s start this decade with faith over fear. Cause I guarantee you the only regret you (and I) will have next year will be that we never tried. In the first home game of the second half of the season, the Foals recorded a 3-1 victory against Mainz 05. You have WAY too much stuff girl. Don’t slack off. This post contains 10 spiritual goals for 2020 that will aid in your journey for spiritual growth this year. Blog. BUT DO NOT STOP DATING THAT BALD BEAUTIFUL MAN! You got a big move coming up this summer. Cook dinners 5 nights a week. To where? Polls will close at 12:00 PM ET on the designated poll closing date. Have more girls’ nights. I also just love checking things off as I do them! Setting goals. I like to thank my mom for my good eating habits because growing up, I was NEVER allowed to drink soda or coffee, we were lucky to eat at a fast food chain 1 every couple months, and she always encouraged organic options. Put on more pants with buttons. (20/21 UEFA Champions League season, Borussia – Real Madrid 1-0). Be intentional in your workouts and try to run 365 miles this year! Although I did achieve many of the goals I’d set for the year I am looking forward to seeing what 2021 has in store. and so forth. Ask for help when you need it. Zuletzt aktualisiert 05.04.21 . After some neat build-up play, Neuhaus passed to the Frenchman whose powerful effort found its way past the keeper from 20 metres. For peace in your discipline all the way to the finish line. Blog once every week if you can, and if not every couple weeks. For peace in the fight. In the first Bundesliga game ever to be played behind closed doors, Borussia defeated Cologne in the Rhine derby by two goals to one. You feel better about yourself when you’re in shape and you’re much happier too. You’re up to over $25,000 with Mission 31. Stop making excuses. For 2020 the goal is to pay off an extra $8,000 from the two houses. Being a Christian can get overwhelming at times. Lars Stindl scored a brace on the day and his second goal ws particularly memorable. So my word of the year is just that, Balance. (19/20 Bundesliga season, Borussia – FSV Mainz 3-1). You can remind yourself of all the goals with the video below. If you’ve kept reading this far, you’re in for a treat! Ahead of Saturday afternoon’s meeting with Hertha BSC (15:30 CEST), head coach Marco Rose and sporting director Max Eberl spoke to the media about the upcoming opponents and the battle for European football. Nothing crazy big, but some time where you and the family get away. Fold the clothes as soon as it gets out of the dryer. For peace in the thick of it. (19/20 Bundesliga season, Borussia – 1. join our festive community where you'll find inspiration for holiday celebrations, parties and milestones. Plan your meals wisely. You used to do this Amy! After a one-two with Hofmann, Plea squared the ball brilliantly to Thuram, who fired into the roof of the net with his first touch. In previous years, I had moderate expectations and set goals accordingly. (20/21 Bundesliga season: SC Freiburg – Borussia 2-2). I see a 20 on the left and a 20 on the right. But the point of this goal was to make progress after so many years wishing for publication and not doing anything to get there. Go home and be productive instead of going to happy hour? Be very intentional and plan for 1 vacation every quarter this year. Here are the nominees for the US Youth Soccer 2020 Goal and Save of the Year award! READ! We have listed all the goals for you to watch below, as well as the details on the longlist. Discover our big and wonder-Foal collection of fan merchandise. Wear it , and stop caring what others think. Balance in my finances: How to find peace with what I have, save more, minimize and spend intentionally. Everything you need to know as the Foals travel to the capital to take on Hertha BSC on Saturday afternoon (15:30 CEST) in the Bundesliga. And while you’re at it, PLEASE keep reading more and more to your girls. Dear future Amy, it’s me. Why are you such an introvert when it comes to the phone? Vote your favourite from ten goals. Wear more lipstick. DO NOT PICK UP YOUR PHONE EVERY TIME YOU GET BORED, LITTLE LADY. (4) be for a goal in any college club soccer game, 2020 National League, Aztec Cup, or NIRSA Affiliated league like WCSA. For understanding that goal setting is hard, reaching goals is hard, and a goal accomplished is worth celebrating! Matthias Ginter watched it go by and it seemed to go past Valentino Lazaro. The Foals lead 2-0 until late on, before the visitors scored two late goals to equalise. Try to eat a serving of vegetables every day! (3) be a goal that occurred during the season year immediately prior to the seasonal year for which the clip is being submitted. So who are this year's Puskas Award nominees? You already know what wisdom you need more of in your life. Don’t give up. I have my personal planner, which holds all of my personal deadlines, doctor appts, tv shows I can’t miss (ha!) Ten goals from seven players are in the running. And you are on a great run so far! Participants will be entered to win a $100 Select gift card. Prior to COVID sending us into lockdown, the main focus of my 2020 goals was to travel and see family. PICK THAT DANG PHONE UP AND TALK TO PEOPLE THAT LOVE YOU! Breel Embolo scored the most spectacular goal of the night. So stay on top of this! The German international came one-on-one with Handanovic and beat the Inter keeper. ;). Sign up for them now, and RUN! One of your career goals should be to earn a professional degree or certificate in your current field (if that is the career path you want to pursue). What is your 2020 Goal of the Year? Setting a goal can be so intimidating to some people that even the thought of it throws you off track. I created this FREE printable for you to download and print for your own goal setting adventures! You love love love writing. (20/21 Bundesliga season: Eintracht Frankfurt – Borussia 0-1). I find that setting high expectations … Balance in my faith: How to live a fulfilling life at church, with my church family, during morning devotionals and more. Don’t be shy. It was the highlight of a spectacular game of football. Go to bed at 10 pm every night, so you can start every single day at 5 am with the Lord. October 18th, 2020 10:53 pm Collingwood father-son gun Josh Daicos has taken home the Goal of the Year award for his spectacular checkside goal against Sydney, in a shock upstaging of Jack Newnes’ match-winning, after-the-siren goal against Fremantle. PS be sure to pin these images if you want to reference back to it in the future! (20/21 UEFA Champions League season: Shakhtar Donetsk – Borussia 0-3). Let’s do this. Become a member now and reap the benefits - or recommend membership to a friend. You get so much more done when you don’t start your day on that dang phone. And I think it takes a lot of intentional efforts to even remotely find balance in our lives. 2020 GOALS + WORD OF THE YEAR. You are stronger than you know. Balance in my ambitions: How to accept when things just don’t go my way and continue pressing onward and upward towards more. Hannes Wolf was fouled after a quick counter-attack, and Stindl’s subsequent free kick found the top right corner from 25 metres. You can vote now until the end of the day on Thursday on the FohlenApp. The son of Magpies legend Peter Daicos booted the major with a checkside from the pocket to help guide Collingwood to a crucial victory. Speak gently and watch their response change too. I was excited about the possibilities a new year brings. Plus, you have all that clothes in your closet. You Marie Kondo’d your drawers last year and you’re still keeping up with that! Breel Embolo, Lars Stindl and Alassane Plea each have two goals in the running, whilst Florian Neuhaus, Jonas Hofmann, Marcus Thuram and Valentino Lazaro … Never stop writing. FC Köln) 2014: Granit Xhaka (2-2 at Villareal) 2013: Juan Arango (2-1 against VfL Wolfsburg) 2012: Juan Arango (1-0 against VfL Wolfsburg) 2011: Igor de Camargo (1-0 against VfL Bochum). And don’t just sign them up for stuff cause YOU want it for them. Forget about how hard it is for me, okay? stay awhile and read a variety of content from top bloggers in the industry about road trip destinations, grandmother's recipes, holiday decor and more to inspire you to create traditions of your own. Breel Embolo, Lars Stindl and Alassane Plea each have two goals in the running, whilst Florian Neuhaus, Jonas Hofmann, Marcus Thuram and Valentino Lazaro are also nominated. Stop impulse buying when you're out? The job market is constantly changing. Borussia’s business director Stephan Schippers discusses the economic outlook from the 2020 financial year, the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and the club's attitudes and values. And let’s just get after it! Breel Embolo scored the opening goal in the 31st minute in impressive fashion. I hope and pray this message brought you something useful as you plan your goals this year. There's nothing better than seeing the ball hit the back of the net, but some goals are better than others! Mainz goalkeeper Zentner rushed out to head clear a long ball up field, right to Neuhaus. The story behind the Foals - dive into over 100 years of our club‘s rich history. Which player will follow in Patrick Herrmann’s footsteps and be the scorer of ‘Borussia’s Goal of the Year 2020’? The captain controlled a cross from Stefan Lainer on the spin, turned his man and finished past the goalkeeper as he fell to the ground. 10 SPIRITUAL GOALS FOR 2020. The best of his three goals was his first in the 14th minute. But start making the necessary moves now to make that move easier. Florian Neuhaus split the Inter defence wide open to thread a pass in behind for Hofmann. In injury time, Patrick Herrmann crossed the ball in from the right. Your life is NOT easy right now. But please remember to not waste any leftovers! It is so much easier to do little by little than all piled up days, weeks, months later! Donate more. One of my FAVORITE days every month is when Blake and I turn off our phones, turn off the TV and sit at our kitchen table and synch our lives. FC Cologne 1-0). Workout 6 days a week. It’s not published, but it’s 1000% closer to publication than it was a decade ago. It is run in conjunction with the Mark of the Year competition and is currently sponsored by Coates Hire. You will regret it next year if you don’t start. Eat more veggies. You got this. Whenever you wear leggings and a sweatshirt, you want to relax. Laugh more, yell less. Can we make it $31,000 this year? honorable mentions…wash your face every night + take down your Christmas decorations before summer! One thing the Army taught me so well was the value and necessity for long range planning. He also goes over our family finances with me to ensure everything we are doing is keeping us on budget so we can continue putting 50% of our paycheck into savings or investments every month. 2019: Patrick Herrmann (2-0 against FC Augsburg) 2018: Christoph Kramer (1-0 at Hannover 96) 2017: Raffael (3-0 at Hertha BSC) 2016: Thorgan Hazard (1-0 against FC Barcelona) 2015: Granit Xhaka (1-0 against 1. there’s still time to set yourself some simple goals and see them through or start thinking about what went right this year and how you can extend these goals into 2020. Voting is open for Borussia’s Goal of the Year 2020. Let them REALLY know just how much you love them. Think about the company you work for and whether you see a future there. I see a 20 on the left and a 20 on the right. There are goals every woman should set in 2020. We have listed all the goals for you to watch below, as well as the details on the longlist. Stop saying you’re gonna sell it, cause that takes way too much time. These planners are one of the first things I’d grab (aside from my family) if our house caught on fire. Zweimal Barca und drei Bundesliga-Talente: Das U20 Youth Team of the Year 2020. Now I want to expand on my personal goals for the year. WATCH: Young Giant boots goal of the year contender with incredible dribble kick. make this your year Amy Lou. I have my workout calendar, which is a visual reference for my daily workouts to ensure I’m targeting my entire body each week and to keep track of the miles I run. Your Goal of the Year 2020: Elena Dhont against Romania! Read more. A new year is always a chance for new beginnings, and this year, it is especially true because 2020 was rough. Clear it off, back it up and don’t let it happen again. Now that there are other demands on my time I can’t just read for hours on the weekend. They are SO DEEPLY rooted in your heart, Amy Lou. But mostIy just pray you too can find balance in your year, however that may look, so that you are equal parts filled with abundant life and equal parts filled with abundant joy + love. Continue to study our world. U.S. likely to fall short of goal to vaccinate 20 million people against Covid before end of year Published Tue, Dec 29 2020 2:07 PM EST Updated Tue, Dec 29 2020 … Borussia almost took all three points as they took the lead through Jonas Hofmann in the 84th minute. Stay on it. So here’s to 2020, and here’s to our goals. I’ve always been a lover of symmetry, and last month it hit me…2020 is balanced. It’s our way of synching our ever so busy lives and communicating important events so that we don’t miss out on things. Florian Neuhaus’ goal in the 88th minute wrapped up the game. Get out your calendar and start planning! And even though this year is flying by (there are only a few months left!)

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