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Some of the visuals are of pure fantasy and even though they are at first horrifying, Maury and Bustillo soon use them poetically. LIVIDE may not be as cringeworthy as their previous effort À l'INTERIEUR a.k.a. The last half, by jerky but accurate degrees, ratchets the supernatural into the nightmare, all leading to most unexpected twists, then revelations. |,September 25, 2011 Its story has three young thieves breaking into a remote mansion one Halloween night; the only resident of this villa being a very elderly comatose former ballet teacher who they have heard has a 'hidden treasure' stashed away somewhere in the house. Being a French horror enthusiast I couldn't wait until the movie would be screened and after an awful show of Lulu Jarmen's "Bad Meat" (2011) it finally started.Livide is a French horror film i the style of The Orphanage, in that it has just as much heart and fantasy as it does horror. Livide is a 2011 French horror movie that was a pleasant surprise for I ended up liking the film better than I expected. |,September 16, 2012 Bustillo and Maury don't just throw everything but the kitchen sink at their audience, they throw the whole kitchen at us too! A hundred-year old witch. In that way, Livid completely delivers.combines a unique spin on the vampire myth with the fairytale surrealism of Lewis Carroll (via Svankmajer's Alice), the danse macabre of Copplia (via Argento's Suspiria) and the imagistic poetry of Franju's Eyes Without a Face.The directors of 'Inside' go in a completely different direction, and the result is (again) a damn good horror's ultimately impossible to walk away from the proceedings without feeling a slight sense of disappointment. A young woman begins working as a nurse and sees a number of elderly and sick patients. They travel from home to home, administering medication to the elderly until they reach the home of Mr. Jessel (Marie-Claude Pietragalla). It's chillingly believable, and great horror. It does contain some elements that will annoy them (jump-scares for example) and a lack of clear explanation in some area, though you can't go wrong with Livide if your a huge fan of horror. I felt the film tries to do too much in the third act. When the credits began to roll 88 minutes later the final result was similar to my opinion of Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury's directorial debut in 2007 with "Inside" – it was good but flawed. 'Livid's true gift is its creative madness, a film that's drenched in imagery that will resonate with viewers for decades.There are no approved quotes yet for this movie.The percentage of Approved Tomatometer Critics who have given this movie a positive review.The percentage of users who rated this 3.5 stars or higher.Sidney Poitier’s 7 Most Memorable Performances,All Harry Potter Movies Ranked Worst to Best by Tomatometer.Binge Guide: The 5 Most Bingeable Shows Ever!We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email. | Rating: 3.5/5 The trio, however, encounter far more than they could ever have bargained for and a night of uncanny horror ensues.In Livid, Lucie who has heterochromia is on her first day as a practicing care giver and goes on rotation with a more experienced care giver named Catherine. NOTE: Its best to not watch any trailers before watching this movie and just experience it like I did first hand. Livide streaming HD en ligne gratuitement Syntaxe pour rechercher des films (des séries) que vous souhaitez regarder dans les moteur de recherche (comme Google, Bing…): " films (séries) + fCine " Visiting eccentric old Deborah Jessel, a dying millionaire (several times over) in a coma in her sprawling mansion, Catherine insists on going to tend to her alone, leaving Lucy in the car outside. An old dark house. But our three interlopers are desperate to get out of their dead-end lives, so in they go... and it turns out to be the worst mistake of their (soon to be cut short) young lives.After watching this pretentious and utterly silly piece of crap, I can't help but wonder if Bustillo and Maury did really made the notable "Inside" or it was actually done by some friend of them.Any movie that blatantly refers to the excellent classic HALLOWEEN III: SEASON OF THE WITCH gets my respect, but when I realized that they were channeling the often misunderstood and under appreciated Jean Rollin, I knew they were after my own heart. There will be loose ties and lingering questions. Livide is a beautifully filmed French horror film that delivers few brutal deaths with a well written plot that is fascinating to follow. With Chloé Coulloud, Félix Moati, Jérémy Kapone, Catherine Jacob. I felt the film tries to do too much in the third act. Switching gears after their gruesome debut feature,For a directing team whose first film revealed the torture-porn genre to be alive and well in France, it’s comforting to see a different sort of horror trope used this time around – one whose roots lie less with,In a gloomy seaside town in Brittany, a young nurse-in-training, Lucie (,The fact that it happens to be Halloween (as much as that means anything in France), and that the mansion’s extensive taxidermy collection makes the Bates Motel look like Toys “R” Us, doesn’t seem to pose a problem for the trio of scavengers, who foolishly venture inside and spend the rest of the movie running from an assortment of monsters: a reanimated Jessel, a group of razor-wielding ballerinas, and Jessel’s supposedly long-dead daughter (,While the film’s pivotal horror scenes offer up very few actual scares, they do contain some impressive bits of set design (by,As the cautious – but not too cautious – Lucie, Coulloud (,Production companies: La Fabrique 2, SND, La Ferme! On October 12, the film was shown at the Sitges Film Festival. Worsening matters is the fact that Livid is just not very scary. La Ferme! | Rating: 4/5 | Rating: 4/5 Inside helped contribute to a long string of superior French made horror films that included Martyrs, Frontier and High Tension. During her visit to an unattended old woman who is in a cerebral coma and living in an isolated, looming house, she discovers that years earlier she had allegedly placed a large treasure within one of the many locked rooms in which Lucy pursues to find to better her life. The reviews aren't too good. Usually women (and even men) in these kind of movie would be too afraid to fight back against a supernatural being or killer of some-kind and just accept death. Its imagery gives the plot depth allowing you to interpret certain scenes for yourself which adds to the experience. The find the enclosed corpse of Jessel's daughter (is she the legendary 'treasure?') Mrs. Wilson then tells Lucy of a treasure hidden somewhere in the home and this gives Lucy's boyfriend William (Serge Cabon) an idea when they discuss the workday over a drink at the local pub. So really, critiquing a film for not being as good as the book is always going to happen. |,June 27, 2019 Mirrors. The lighting was brilliant as well, just enough to see, but not bright enough to relieve. Livide revolves around a young woman named Lucy who is beginning her training as an in-house caregiver. Especially on Halloween. Livid (Livide): Film Review. Even if it doesn't manage to scare the viewer as much they want, Livide still offers well written story that makes up for it. Besides, the film is completely unscary and just a pile of ridiculous clichés.Livide is a 2011 French horror movie that was a pleasant surprise for I ended up liking the film better than I expected. It was a great mystery that the trailers ruin. Also, did not watch any trailers for it will spoil some elements from the film. Coficup,September 14, 2011 The young nurse and her boyfriend, along with a friend, decide to find the treasure. Un tesoro nascosto e un segreto da svelare. Insects.In the last decade there certainly has been a significant cycle of French horror films. And yet Lucie is naughty and decides to follow her anyway – she also breaks confidentiality rules and tells her boyfriend Will about Mrs Jessel and her fortune. William wants to break into the Jessel residence and steal from the coma stricken woman the fortune that would give himself, Lucy and brother Ben (Loïc Berthezene) a better life. If you were expecting a massacre from the Inside then you came to the wrong place. Bustillo and Maury may still have a great future ahead of them. Girl starts new job as a nurse for elderly people, comes into an old house with an evil older woman lying in a bed with an oxygen mask and blood infusions and hears about a treasure which the rich old hag must be hiding. They break into the house but get more than they bargained for. Keyed to all this is the sets, the house itself, which is a masterpiece of a forgotten generation gone to creaks and cobwebs, which must have taken a full interior crew several weeks to prepare. They take care of older patients. Coulloud makes the character very likable and gives her plenty of emotional depth. (which I always felt was a bit of a cheap shot as effective as it may be) With LIVIDE directors Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury go supernatural and give the entire movie a phantasmagoric look and feeling that certainly gives many nods to great movies and directors of the past but at the same time they root the film in today's world and don't resort to any cheap tricks which makes this dark fantasy horror movie a very welcome breath of fresh air compared to the tiresome found footage movies and asinine remakes that seem to dominate today's horror movies as well as the repeatedly FAILED attempts to make an '80s throwback.Back in 2009, French filmmakers Alexandrew Bustillo and Julien Maury brought a small independent horror film to the Toronto International Film Festival. (source: ) I watched this movie during the Film 4 FrightFest Halloween marathon last year in London and next to Human Centipede II it was the most anticipated movie of the night. Then there is the highly apt cinematography, starting with an amazing lead-in, and supporting everything outside the mansion until the final moments. The film does best when it shows its story visually, which thankfully, it chooses to do most of the time. Don't watch the trailers:(8 out of 10 stars. There will be a lot of "WTF did I just see" in the end. The actors were well chosen and go to their parts very convincingly indeed. INSIDE (2007) but then what can possibly more so than putting an 8 month pregnant woman in constant peril for 70 minutes as they did with INSIDE? Plug Effects, |,September 13, 2011 All scary at first, become even more disturbing as they reach us on an emotional level. Stephen King's The Shining is the only situation, in my opinion, where the movie was actually on par with the book. The bloody girl floating. She's actually interesting and well written character that's fascinating to follow. |.What is the point of trying to make heads or tails of anything here or even looking for any sense if it is clear that the directors are only thinking about aesthetics and creating gorgeous set pieces? As you can imagine, I'm now really, really excited. Once they break in, the nightmare begins...A Ballet-School-Teacher. La Fabrique 2, YES! |,November 16, 2011 Quite a lot of the most famous ones have focused on the more sadistic end of the genre, presenting torture, gore and general nastiness in new, often unusual, ways. Girl and friends decide to break in and steal the treasure and end up in a creepy house with strange ghosts and the evil old ballet teacher killing them off with her electric zombie vampire daughter, some zombie ballerina kids and lots of creepy toys.The sexy Chloé Coulloud plays Lucy, a world weary girl in her late teens troubled by the death of her mother. That night, the girl tells her beau about it and together with a friend they go back to rob the place -on Halloween, no less. Marc Thiébault won the award for Best Production Design at the festival for his work in Livid. fantasy,Backup Films, Con Béatrice Dalle, Jérémy Kapone, Catherine Jacob, … As the two lads become increasingly frustrated about not being able to locate any riches, they start smashing the place up. | Rating: 3.5/5 Naturally, the two of them (together with Will's brother Ben) decide to relieve the old lady of her riches one dark night … There's more than a hint of Del Torro in the way the house and its shadows are revealed to the trio as they explore it. It is a unique film with vampires, human automaton and revenge along with a few twists and a little gore that deserves at least a viewing or two. Here, Mrs. Wilson asks for Lucy to stay in the car believing the young apprentice to 'not be ready' for this one yet. Venice Film Festival What to Watch Now Movie Reviews TV Reviews Roundtables Podcasts. Livid clearly indicates that Gallic horror comes in many shapes though, as this one relies considerably more on atmosphere rather than full-on violence. But as for now, all I will remember them for was one good film, and Livid was not it.You can almost never be satisfied when you expect a movie to be as good or better then the book. Add two that where Inside and Martyr's went outside the normal conventions of the genre, Livid used the horror handbook for its step-by-step instruction. Saying that though our French cousins (on the whole) make superior films and the visuals here are both stimulating and beautifully shot.Sorry guys, I'll try to keep the spoilers to a minimum, but I don't think I can avoid a few.Lucie is a caregiver trainee who with the help of older trainee Wilson begins to work at the home of Mrs.Jessel,old and comatose ballet instructor.Wilson tells her about the treasure hidden somewhere in a decaying mansion.Lucie,her boyfriend and their friend decide to break into mansion in the middle of the night.As the darkness descends the blood begins to flow..."Livide" by Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury is obviously influenced by Dario Argento's "Suspiria" and Italian giallo sub-genre.It's a hauntingly beautiful and poetic nightmare with lovely atmosphere of dark fairy-tale and plenty of horrific gore.The Jessel mansion looks extremely eerie(both inside and outside)and there is enough stylish terror to satisfy fans of "Inside".The climax of "Livide" is quite disappointing,but overlook that and we have another stunning example of French New-Wave Horror.8 bloodstained ballerinas out of 10.Great atmospheric movie, but not for everyone,A visual treat, unique, dark and genuinely scary.This dark fantasy horror movie is a welcome breath of fresh air.Terrible film that is as confusing as it is wasteful,~Great movie from/for someone who Hasn't read the book~,Stylish but sedate compared to Italo-horror,A decidedly under-rated French horror film.Refreshingly different, but lacking in immersion...Near perfect and original gothic teen horror. The fiilm keeps the horror at a distance at first, with loud noises from upstairs etc. We had Stanley Kubrick doing the directing though and Jack Nicholson.A young home health aide finds out her new patient, a comatose old woman in a dark, gloomy mansion, was once a famous ballet instructor who's said to have a fortune hidden somewhere in the house. |,June 15, 2012 The story revolves around a group of kids who break into a mansion and try to rob an old woman of her treasure. SND Films, NO! | Rating: B+ Just leave us a message.Please reference “Error Code 2121” when contacting customer service.You're almost there! The characters are dumb (they bring only one flashlight to a robbery at night), they split up making them easier to pick off and they just don't act smart in situations that call for a bit of common sense. I saw "Livid" at the FrightFest in London a few days ago and had neither particularly high nor low expectations before the film started. It doesn't go over board with a large body count and the special effects for the kills are brutally realistic. The film builds up a meticulous but thoughtful pace, bringing us slowly into the world of this house at night. Livid is a French horror gem, and a world-class standard to aspire to.Stylish and creepy ghost story originating from France. Great performances, stunning visuals, a unique feel, and a mature handling of difficult themes makes this a worthwhile horror.I'll say the worst things first. If you don't mind that, or if you actually embrace that kind of stuff, I recommend "Livide" very highly.Catherine Wilson (Catherine Jacob) is a home care nurse and is introducing young Lucie (Chloé Coulloud) to the job. Lucy learns that Jessel was once a renowned dance instructor who's daughter, Anna, died at a young age. If you enjoy a beautiful horror film like Suspiria then this is the film for you.Livide is a French horror film i the style of The Orphanage, in that it has just as much heart and fantasy as it does horror. Bustillo and Maury really missed the mark on this one and they did nothing to help rectify the fact that French horror films are getting hard to finance as they discussed after the film's screening. Canal+, Also, this film would have not been the same if were not for actress Chloe Coulloud in the leading role. This building is chock full of stuffed creatures, dusty relics and boarded up windows. A floating vampire girl in the sunlight, a wind-up corpse etc. Please click the link below to receive your verification email.Lucie (Chloé Coulloud), Ben (Jérémy Kapone) and William (Félix Moati) search an old woman's home for a hidden treasure and they encounter a series of supernatural events that change them forever.horror, The three travel to the old house later that night and break-in in search of their treasure. In fact, I think it's one of the finest and easily most original horror films I've ever seen. Just confirm how you got your ticket.We won’t be able to verify your ticket today, but it’s great to know for the future.By opting to have your ticket verified for this movie, you are allowing us to check the email address associated with your Rotten Tomatoes account against an email address associated with a Fandango ticket purchase for the same movie.Verified reviews are considered more trustworthy by fellow moviegoers.They won't be able to see your review if you only submit your rating.The image is an example of a ticket confirmation email that AMC sent you when you purchased your ticket. The entire vampire angle just didn't work and although they implemented the whole 'sunlight is bad' rule, they pretty much ignore the rest in winging the story that Bustillo and Maury both penned.

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