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Looking for info on reservations? I cruised without pause through loose, marble-strewn corners where I had braked on the Lunch Ride. It’s not a harsh abrupt bottom out, the leverage rate of the shock makes it as smooth as possible but there’s no doubt that you’ve found the end of this bike’s travel. Bude stoupat jako SB100 a sjíždět enduro tratě jako SB150. The Yeti SB130. Replacing Yeti’s hugely popular SB5.5, the SB130 made me a better rider. The bike zipped through tight corners. The SB130 is the most versatile of the bunch, with suspension and geometry that make it equally adept at climbing and descending.This new trail bike shares the same design language as the SB100 and SB150, with strong, angular lines, room in the mainframe for a water bottle, and sizing in small through XL.Frame features also follow suit. The base “C” carbon frame is offered on the three least-expensive complete builds, and the higher-end “Turq” frame comes in a couple hundred grams lighter, and is specced on the higher-end builds, as well as the frame-only option.The SB130 uses internal cable routing all around, a press-fit BB92 bottom bracket, and ISCG ‘05 tabs. This 29er trail bike is the most aggressively versatile MTB I've ridden yet. Point it up or down. For me, they feel appropriate for this bike’s intended use and I don’t find them that far off from 800 mm bars in terms of ride feel. Turn things around are the SB130 excels upwards as well. This new 29er is longer and slacker than many competing models and, like the longer-travel.With the introduction of the SB130, Yeti has rounded out its 29er line with three models that span cross-country, trail and enduro racing. The SB130 was built to crush the biggest terrain. Part of it is the bike’s kinematics, which virtually eliminate pedal bob.In previous years, Yeti claimed that riders shouldn’t need to lock out their shock or put it in trail mode on long climbs. If you’re someone who loves the adjustability of the Grip2 damper and want a Yeti SB130, it’d be worth checking out the “Lunch Ride” edition of the SB130, where the fork does indeed have a Grip2 damper.David: While we certainly don’t yet have enough time on the Shimano XT 12-speed drivetrain to comment on its long-term durability, its shifting performance — especially under load — is impressive. Coming across a fast, rough traverse the bike held its geometry well as it used what travel was necessary, no more, no less. Riders are typically not pedaling in this zone, so chain forces have less of an effect on the suspension performance. Unfortunately, Fox doesn’t currently offer the 36 in a 29er, 150mm-travel version (at least in aftermarket options), though I imagine that Fox could make one for Yeti since they’re much more flexible when it comes to OEM products (e.g., Transition specs a 140mm-travel 36 with a Grip2 damper on the Smuggler, and Orbea specs a 150mm-travel 36 with a Grip2 damper on their Occam). There are certainly more aggressive ~130mm-travel bikes out there, and many others with more of an XC bent, but the SB130 looks to sit in a middle ground that should work well for a lot of riders.For reference, here’s the geo chart for the standard SB130 frame. The size Large SB 130’s reach comes in at 480.2 mm and it offers an effective seattube angle around 77° on all sizes – with an unpublished, but steep actual angle to boot. One bike that rules.”.Weird syntax aside, they seem to be positioning the SB130 as a versatile bike that can cover a lot of bases, which makes sense for a mid-travel bike with modern geometry.While it’s not a totally apples-to-apples comparison, the SB130 could be thought of as a 29er replacement for the.Yeti debuted their SB – as in “Super Bike” – series of bikes with the SB66, in 2011. Yeti SB130 T-Series 29" Frame 2020 . On climbs, I skipped through mats of off-camber roots and kept pace through tricky spots that sometimes grind me to a halt.The bike is heavier than I expected — around 29 pounds for a Turq XX1 build with Shimano XT platform pedals. It favors high-speed handling and an aggressive, over the front riding style. On climbs, I was faster than on the 25-pound Yeti SB5 that’s been my go-to bike for the past couple of years. I’m sure there are easily a dozen more choices out there that would be as good or better. So we’ll just say you should notify your other bikes that once you own the SB130, they should prepare to gather dust in the garage.It’s available in Carbon and Turq frame constructions in sizes S-XL for riders who measure 5’3″ to 6’6″ tall. But it’s certainly open to interpretation.I agree with Greg the SB130 is more like a replacement of the SB5.5, even when you don’t take into account the wheel size.The SB130 is not a SB5 replacement. We’ve tweaked the language to hopefully be a bit more clear on that. However, on some of the faster g-outs and bigger drops, it wasn’t uncommon for me to bottom out the rear suspension, even while running about 30% sag. This creates an efficient pedaling platform through your entire pedaling zone, there is an inflection point where the Switch Infinity link moves down, dropping the anti-squat drastically. And less translation of housing during suspension movement.The hum of tires gripping dirt - the only approved sound on a YETI.At the heart of the SB130 suspension design is our patented Switch Infinity suspension system. For a lightweight and efficient chassis, this bike scarcely knows any downhill limits. As an everyday ripper it would.The SB130 frame and Switch Infinity link are covered by a Lifetime Warranty. That title goes to the SB140. £3,275.00. Part of that is the switch from 27.5 to 29er wheels — 29ers are faster. Tohle je přesně kolo, za které budeš vděčný, ať už tě bude čekat celodenní stoupání na nejvyšší vrcholy nebo závodní víkend české enduro série. If you’re not the type of rider who relies on suspension travel to plow through obstacles, but rather, use fighter pilot-like finesse to find your line, there’s little that can hold the SB130 back.In several weeks of testing both of Yeti’s new models back to back, I came to appreciate the lighter handling of the SB130 and, while the SB150 is no slouch on uphills, there’s less sag to move through when attempting power moves on technical climbs aboard the SB130.When it comes to navigating steep, rocky pitches, the SB130 is one of the finest climbing bikes of any travel range I’ve ridden. It’s easy to cut a bar down, but going the other way requires a swap, so going big makes it a little easier to set up to a rider’s preferences. The CLR and TLR builds’ geometry is slightly different due to the longer fork, slackening the head angle to 65.1°, the effective seattube angle to 76.6°, and shortening the reach slightly to 475.6 mm (size Large).All of this is is pretty conventional stuff for a contemporary Trail bike, and should make for a versatile ride. If you go long and deep off a big jump / drop and don’t eye up that smooth landing you’ll find yourself at the bottom of that 130mm very quickly. The SB130 is the daily driver for riders searching for a bike that will hold its own on rough terrain, but also want something that won’t feel unwieldy on less demanding singletrack.On my rocky test tracks, I found the SB130 to feel like it has more suspension than its numbers might suggest. Complete GX level bikes starting at RRP $8,490. The company split the SB5.5’s DNA into two very different machines.The SB150 is intended to excel on the steepest Enduro World Series tracks. This bike is a paradox. Replacing Yeti's hugely popular SB5.5, the SB130 made me a better rider. Its pedaling performance is respectable, but it’s clearly set up to perform well on the way back down more than it wants to be a rocket ship under power. With 150mm front and 130mm rear travel, laser-precise steering geometry, impeccable body positioning, and generous 29” wheels - this is a bike that re-writes the book on trail two-niners. It’s 1,000 feet of elevation gain from the road to the highest trails behind my house, and I do that climb a couple times each ride. But this thing just rips descents that used to hold me back. This bike is a pleasure to ride, and it appears to be a highly-improved design overall.Please review our Covid19 policies before visiting the shop. But for 2019, it’s still welcome news.According to Yeti, the SB130 is the final addition to the Colorado company’s 2019 bike offering. There are plenty of bikes out there where the 27.5 option has been dropped or replaced entirely with a new 29er, so I don’t view that as a hard break necessarily. You've been subscribed to our newsletter.Already have an account with us? Yeti SB130 long term review The Yeti SB130 created a fair stir when it was first released nearly a year ago. The Orbea Occam, for example, is available with a 150mm Factory Grip2 29er fork.I bought the most expensive version of this bike. But if you’re looking for a mid-travel 29er and favor straight-line stability over forgiveness and snappy handling, it definitely warrants consideration. But as David noted, the issue of being able to cut down a wide bar and not lengthen a short one is something to consider.David: For a mid-travel 29er Trail bike with fairly progressive (i.e., long) geometry, the SB130 feels like it falls near the middle of the spectrum, from nimble / poppy to stable / hard charging. With 150mm front and 130mm rear travel, laser-precise steering geometry, impeccable body positioning, and generous 29” wheels - this is a bike that re-writes the book on trail two-niners. The Aggressor is great for Rockies riding, but when wet fall weather descends on New England, I’ll swap for something with more traction in mud.Like all of its 2019 bikes, the SB130 is backed by Yeti’s no-BS Lifetime Warranty. The Switch Infinity suspension is improved with new kinematics and more progressive geometry. This 29er trail bike is the most aggressively versatile MTB I've ridden yet. So, yes, if you were looking to move on from an SB5, and were set on sticking with 27.5 wheels, the SB130 wouldn’t be the answer. With the climb switch on the DPX2 disengaged, there was an appreciable, but not excessive amount of rear suspension movement under hard, seated pedaling efforts. That said, this bike screams for a 160mm fork and for a bit more plushness in the rear. You can find the geometry chart for the CLR and TLR versions.The SB130 looks like a solid update to the old SB5, and one that should be appealing to a lot of riders. The Yeti just seems to pull itself over them naturally. The differences between a 29er and 27.5 are that stark. Point your wheel, and there’s no wandering.On my home trails in Vermont, I rode technical features where there’s only one line and you don’t want to blow it. The headtube angle sits at 65.5° across the board, and all sizes get 433 mm chainstays. view product. I’ve taken this bike everywhere from Gap Creek to Tewantin and the Toowoomba DH track to find out. The 2019 line includes the new.“We’re proud of every bike we put out into the wild. Still, there are items that I would prefer to see swapped.As I mentioned in my SB150 review, shorter, 170mm cranks would be nice for reducing pedal strikes. I meant that comparison in terms of intended use (which I think is very valid) but you are right that it’s not a perfectly direct carryover to a nearly identical bike either. The defining feature of the line is Yeti’s patented “Switch Infinity” suspension linkage, a design that features a lower link that reverses the direction of travel in the middle of the stroke. The bike is an absolute powerhouse on the climbs and if you like to go hard on the descents, this is the bike for you. The 77-degree seat tube angle and big wheels make it an unapologetic climber.Low, slack, and long, this long-travel 29er performs so well climbing and descending that riders who love the downhill could make it a one-bike quiver.Slightly shorter chainstays, slack headtube angle, long reach, and the offset fork ensure it’s flickable and playful, but that it still rages on downhills.Designed simultaneously with the SB150, the SB130 uses the same shock extender, the same 31.6 seat post spec, and a Switch Infinity linkage that’s been tucked further out of the way of mud from the rear tire. We’ve updated the post to be more clear on this point, but the fact that Fox doesn’t sell it aftermarket doesn’t mean that Yeti couldn’t have spec’d it.A ~$35 airshaft in 150 mm and you’re on your way?Nice write-up. The sb130 was built to crush the biggest terrain. view product. I rode any punchy climbs where I had previously run out of juice, dismounted, and rested. On smooth terrain sure, but when going up technical and rough climbs the Yeti simply excels. That shouldn’t be too much of a surprise, and it feels better in this regard than many other bikes with more travel (e.g., Yeti SB150).The SB130’s suspension doesn’t feel exactly plush to me, either, and I don’t personally see that as a bad thing. On the SB130, I just kept ticking boxes, which put a smile on my face and helped me ride better and better.Like on the SB150, the SB130 has a revised suspension layout. — anywhere your wheels can roll.Sharing in-depth conversations between the world's adventurers, athletes, and outdoorspeople, The GearJunkie Podcast is your inside look into the outdoors industry.From next-gen tech to ingenious innovation, our weekly peek at emerging products examines the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design.Declassified: ‘Super Magnesium’ Lighter Than Titanium, Stronger Than Steel,The ‘Omata One’ Is a Retro Speedometer for Your Bike: Review. Despite its weight, it never slowed me down. It weighs in @ 29.5 lbs vs the 27.5 lb 575 that it’s replacing. GearJunkie may earn a small commission from affiliate links in this article.NordicTrack wants to give you $7,500 toward your Adventure Resolution. Composed but also frisky. 1-12 of 18 Show Page: 1; 2; Next ; view product. A higher volume 2.5in Aggressor in place of the 2.3in version would be worth the slight weight penalty as well — it just bites better.Fox doesn’t offer its four-way adjustable GRIP2 damper in stock forks under 160mm of travel, though the added adjustability and improved small bump compliance over the FIT4 damper would be a great addition to this already stellar machine.The price of admission to Yeti’s line of ‘Super Bikes’ is steep, yet compared to the SB100 and the SB150, the versatility of the SB130 makes it more palatable for riders searching for one bike to cover the widest range of riding conditions.Thanks! The SB130 pulls from the same design manifesto as the new SB150, with progressive trail geometry powered by a longer reach, steeper seat angle, slacker head angle, and a shorter 44mm offset fork. And, if you want to swap the spec shock for a coil shock, no problem.It took me a little longer to dial in the suspension than on previous Yetis. I’ve never ridden a mid-travel trail bike with such climbing prowess, the Yeti gets full marks from me in this department.The SB130 has been described as a capable descender, but with 130mm rear travel how hard can you push it? Yeti went back to the drawing board - and they designed a monster.The SB130 was everything I wanted it to be. There are bikes out there with longer travel that will no doubt make riding extreme, rough terrain easier. Check out the full range of Yeti SB130 bikes and frames available to purchase from MTB Monster. But, if you’re going to be asking all this from the SB130 its going to ask you to land precisely or endure a rougher landing than desired.The SB130 is a leading class trail bike that allows you to push your limits on bigger terrain. Fed a steady diet of super-tech climbs. Skip To Main Content Bikes. ).The handling of the SB130, once again, felt like a good, versatile middle ground. Decoupling of the chain forces allows the suspension to work more efficiently to absorb impacts making the feel of a Yeti distinct.Internally routed cable tubes from end to end for silent function. I also almost never clipped a pedal thanks to the bike’s 337.7mm bottom bracket height.Then there were the descents. The brake lever’s clamp sits unusually far inboard, and has a small nub that rests against the bar to reduce flex, just inboard of the grip, preventing the brake lever from being moved further out. It’s plenty capable and comfortable for high-country pucker-fests, and it’s not a drag on big fire road grinds. It wasn’t a major issue, and the shifter wasn’t far off from where I would have ideally placed it, but it did strike me as a surprising rough edge on what was otherwise a very well polished product. Every day, I climbed to above 12,000 feet in Breckenridge, Durango, Crested Butte, and on the Monarch Crest. And just like the SB100 and SB150, there’s room for a water bottle in the main frame. Switch Infinity utilizes a patented translating pivot that switches direction as the bike moves through its travel providing excellent anti-squat characteristics.Made with the highest quality carbon fiber available, TURQ series bikes offer the perfect balance of stiffness and compliance.I was trying to make the bike get loose for the photos but,We see a lot of bikes come and go but the SB130 has become the,SB130 is able to tame the trail with its smooth, lively suspension feel. It’s a beast that dominates in the bike park, that will crush,So this week, Yeti gives the rest of us the much anticipated.But the similarities stop there. I took the bike to Moab and rode the Whole Enchilada and Captain Ahab, flowing down a rock staircase on Porcupine Rim I’d only previously looked at. Point it up or down. But I always did. Please call (303)278-6545 or email.Masks and social distancing are required within the shop.Please stay home if you are experiencing symptoms.Hours are Monday-Froday 10:00am-7:00pm and Saturday 10:00am-5:00pm. If you have shorter legs, you might need to size down to a 150 mm dropper.As far as handlebars go, I don’t personally mind the 780 mm bars. 2020 Yeti Cycles SB130 available with up to 48 months 0% finance and free U.K shipping to your front door. That’s a poor ideal. But overall, for a rider who powers their own ascents 99.5% of the year, this is a dream bike for me and makes me want to ride every day.We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.Test Location: Gunnison-Crested Butte Valley, Colorado,How to Recreate Responsibly in the Time of COVID (Ep. 130),Shock: Fox Performance DPX2 (longer-stroke version),Shock: Fox Factory DPX2 (longer-stroke version).What sort of riders are going to get along best with the SB130, and where does it fit into the range of mid-travel Trail bikes on the market? Like the SB150, it’s designed for easy care and maintenance, with oversized ports and internal tubes that make cables easy to thread and keep them out of the weather.The two bikes share hardware, like the derailleur hanger. Stand up and attack on a smooth surface like a road, and yes, you’ll notice some pedal bob. Shuttled to the top of the mountain with my stocklis. But for the life of me, I have no idea what Yeti is doing with their storytelling. Every day I found myself proclaiming, “Holy shit, I love this bike!”.It was playful on the trail and easy to get the wheels off the ground. Stable but maneuverable. Shoutout to local bike mechanic Ian Mullens for showing me this trick.David: My initial impression of the SB130 is that it’s a very competent mid-travel Trail bike that would be easy to recommend to a lot of riders looking for a versatile 29er Trail bike, particularly for those who’d happily trade a little plushness for more poppy, supportive suspension.Dylan: The Yeti SB130 has been a blast to ride on a variety of terrain. Our goal is to contenu to provide exelent service while keeping our staff an customers safe.130mm (5.1") Switch Infinity™ suspension perfection,Fox Float DPX2 Rear Shock with burly collet-axle mounting*,148mm Rear Axle Spacing in the fully-unified rear triangle,Internal carbon tubes ensure hassle-free routing of derailleur and seat post cables,ISCG-05 tabs for chainguide compatibility,Sizes: SM, M, L, XL - Fits riders 5’3” - 6’6”,We are operating by appointment only during our working hours. Yeti also offers two “LR” (stands for “lunch ride”) builds for the SB130, the CLR and TLR, which bump up the rear travel to 137 mm via a longer-stroke shock, come with 160mm-travel forks, and include beefier brakes (Sram Codes) and tires (Exo+ casings, and a … Accompanying the stretched and slackened front end is a steep, 77-degree seat tube angle to keep the rider’s weight centered while climbing.“Divide and conquer,” describes Yeti’s approach replacing the SB5.5. We say no one bike can rule all. Braking hard for the upcoming corner the bike held its line without fault and let me brake hard before letting off the brakes, allowing the bike to accelerate through the corner. Overall, I’ve found that both seated and standing climbing feels very good and descending feels great, too. The length of the bike, combined with not-so-forgiving suspension, could make it harder for new riders to learn the fundamentals of mountain biking. What does the SB130 improve upon? One bike that rules. Yeti SB130 T-Series 29" Frame 2020 . But, if you click “support” on the page for any specific bike on Yeti’s new website, and plug in your height and weight, you get starting point sag and low- and high-speed compression and rebound settings that make any additional fine tuning easy.For riding in the East, I’ll swap out the Maxxis Aggressor 2.3 that Yeti specs for the rear. 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