Our Black Cumin Seed Oil is cold pressed from the Nigella seeds. The oil is recognized for its legendary tremendous healing properties. Presenting a wide range of healing capabilities, the nigella oil is recommended for individual’s vitality and good health.



As an antioxidant, she fights against the appearance of destructive free radicals and protects cells from the skin and skin aging. Its nourishing and regenerating characteristics allow restore suppleness and softness to the skin, making it an excellent anti-aging and moisturizing for all skin types. The purifying specificity of the oil prevents the formation of pimples to treat skin problems: acne boils, herpes and warts. It also treats skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. The oil favours tanning and when used in massage, it soothes and calms against contractures and inflammation. The oil of Nigella Sativa is a yellowish to dark amber liquid.